We got a building!!!

New Wine Church now owns the corner lot at 72nd and N Prospect!!!

This is going to be a journey and we are so glad you're on it with us! We will continue to meet at the high school while we raise funds to start construction but in the meantime, we will be able to use the existing building for small groups, prayer rooms, men's and women's events, classes, youth services, outreach and whatever else God wants to do through New Wine Church!

We can't wait to welcome you there with some special events we have planned. We'd love to send you an old-school, snail mail invitation. Please text HOME to 816-327-1940 to make sure your address is on the list. We will also have some serving opportunities coming up to help clean up the land, do some painting, organize storage spaces etc.

Email jreese@nwckc.com if you'd like to be involved!