Move is a three-year generosity initiative that will move us forward in our mission to experience earth as it is in heaven.  Through Move, we pray our response to God is to be people who willingly, joyfully, and generously give to build a place of Heaven and Earth; a place of Jesus.

Move Update

With over $1.7 million in commitments, we are thrilled to be moving forward with plans to add the necessary parking and worship space to the existing church building so we can eventually move Sunday morning services there! Thanks to everyone who helped kick off the 3-year campaign, we have exceeded the planned amount by almost $180,000! We are working with Mantel Teter Architectural Firm to get schematic designs drawn up over the next few months and we will share pictures and videos as soon as we have them.

If you would like to make a commitment to the building fund, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Additional commitments will enable us to further renovate the existing space for kids' classrooms, add a food pantry and possibly reduce the amount we need to borrow!


Sermons in the Move Series

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